Education of the general public is possibly the most effective method for reducing the amount of pollutants discharged into the storm drain system. Our staff offers a wide range of programs from school education and community event activities to producing display ads, integrated programs, media purchases and more.

John L. Hunter and Associates owns a Public Outreach Department in house with tri-lingual (English/Spanish/Mandarin) staff to provide our clients with the highest level or service. Utilizing the skills of our staff, we are able to combine our technical expertise with our marketing and public relations strategies to develop out of the box promotional tools that meet the needs of the program and the community.

JLHA Public Outreach programs not only meet the requirements of the programs we work with, but also provide our clients with the best and most effective outreach tools possible to fit within their budgets. As a part of our program, we research each community, determine target markets and create custom and joint outreach items that are targeted to specific groups. All outreach materials are part of an overall campaign that promotes awareness and strives for behavior modification.

Committee/Event Representation
JLHA personnel act as representatives of our contract cities in the Executive Advisory Committees and the Watershed Management Committees. Our firm has taken an active role in the negotiation process with the Regional Water Quality Control Boards for the design and adoption of the NPDES Municipal Permit, including development of Countywide Management Plan, legal authority requirements, and budget summary and annual reporting forms.

We also represent our contract cities at local and County events promoting their environmental programs.

Display Ads
We have developed several display ads, including annual regional newspaper ad campaigns for NPDES, Used Oil, and Beverage Container Recycling, as well as single ads running specific newspaper. Many of our ads are co-op and are paid for by several clients.

POP Materials
We have developed several Point-of-Purchase materials covering different topics. The materials target both residents and businesses within diverse populations. Materials have been developed in Spanish, English, and Chinese for several target markets. These materials include:

  • Coloring Books

  • Bilingual Brochures

  • Business Brochures

  • Tip Cards

  • Fliers

  • Information Booklets

  • Postcards

  • Press Release/PSAs
    We regularly submit articles, press releases, unique story ideas and print radio PSAs to local media to promote the program and address specific issues.

    Throughout the year we attend events as representatives of our clients to promote their environmental programs. Events include dissemination of materials along with interactive demonstrations highlighting program goals.

    Outdoor Advertising
    We develope programs for our clients utilizing Light Pole Banners, Billboards and Bus Benches and Shelters to promote used oil recycling, the stormwater program and smart gardening.

    Business Presentations
    We regularly provide presentations to business groups such as Kiwanis Club, Chambers of Commerce, Lions Club, and Rotary Clubs. Through interaction with the business community, we are able to educate them on the importance of storm water pollution prevention and also provide them with the tools to create a pollution free business environment.

    Group and Individual Campaigns
    We are able to provide unique and effective campaigns that meet the needs of the City and Community. We offer two options to our clients, co-op individual campaigns. Individual campaigns showcase and City’s individuality, while co-op (group) campaigns help lower costs and increase production.