Used Oil Recycling
John L. Hunter and Associates provides complete Used Oil Recycling Programs services for cities.

Our customized used oil programs are designed to handle all aspects of the program for our clients. From administration to promotion, we work not only with our clients, but also with CIWMB managers to ensure that the program is running effectively and smoothly. Working with our clients and the Board, enables us to determine the best way to develop an all encompassing program that not only meet the requirements of the program, but meets the needs of the community as well.

We are currently administering two Used Oil Opportunity Grants that we submitted on behalf of our clients. Also, wherever possible we partner with the NPDES program to use Used Oil funds to pay for NPDES outreach.

Our program includes:

  • Administration of grant writing and submission of opportunity grants

  • Development of outreach campaigns and programs

  • Conducting Collection Event

  • Development of custom art and graphics

  • Working closely with the CIWMB to maintain grant

  • Budgeting of grant funds

  • Aiding in certification of centers by the CIWMB

  • Performing certified center site visits

  • Working directly with certified centers

  • Developing materials for ease of program use

  • Development of operations manuals for the center

  • Development of large and small public outreach programs

  • Writing and submitting reports to the CIWMB

  • $130,000 in additional grant funds awarded through opportunity grant in 2002-2004

  • Beverage Container Recycling
    JLHA also provides turnkey Beverage Container Recycling Programs. Our programs are customized based on the needs of the city. We work with the Department of Conservation (DOC) to ensure that all requirements of the program are met.

    Our program includes:
  • Working with the City and DOC to determine where recycling bins should be located around the City

  • Partner with the City’s recycling program

  • Develop a relationship with the schools to institue a program on campus and promote the overall program to students

  • Develop customized promotional campaigns that include: Elementary school contests, recycle for fund raising, ad campaigns, event attendance and more.